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1951 Lower Grades
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Eighth Seventh

Two names are incorrect in the year. Jimmy Melton, is named Ernest on the photos, and Ernest Melton is named Jimmy. Since they are my cousins, I know the names should have Jimmy where Ernest is and Ernest where Jimmy's photo is. I am posting the correct name on the name list below.

1951 Eight Grade

Eight Grade History

  • Photo One
    Wanda Potter (sponsor), Donald Baker, Odel Young, Arlene McGee, Wayne Donica, Jimmy Brent
  • Photo Two
    Ernest Melton,Patsy Husketh, Charles Downing, Alma Grahm, Buddy Hollowell, Maxine Donica
  • Photo Three
    Laverne Kester, Jimmy Melton, Alma Phipps, Ishmael Scott,Elanor Prichard, Jimmie Randals
  • Photo Four
    Weldon Hamilton, Lucille Watson, Basil Williams, Christine McGee, Joyce Baker, June Huggins
  • Photo Five
    Beverly Wilson, Jerry Hester, Mary Reeves, Joe Parks, Evelyn Nentrup, Carl Arnold
  • Photo Six
    Peggy Cox, Lloyd McGee, Peggy Pleasant, Theadore Wells, Gail Clenny
  • Photo Seven
    Ruth Green (sponsor, Landon Hefner, Lawrence Harrison, Johnny Bruce, Yvonne Stroud, Janice Young
  • Photo Eight
    Donald Stallings,Freda Wells, Donald Mitchel, Judy Hefner, Charles Walters, Velma Nobles
  • Photo Nine
    Joan Eller, Harvey Dalbey, Ruth Carter, Jackie Harvill, Juanita Osborn, Wayne Campbell
  • Photo Ten
    Carolyn Edwards, Franklin Osborn, Mary Etta Self, Junior Hargiss, Nelda Johnson, Charles Brown
  • Photo Eleven
    Odis Hopper, Ramona Smith, Joe Coble, Joyce Kenley, Bobby Morris, Connie Jenkins
  • Photo Twelve
    Charles Hester, Barbara Ham, Elmer Nord, Annie Woodall, Robert Henry Ford, Jerry Johnson,
    Donald Dirickson

1951 Seventh Grade

Seventh Grade History

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