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 The Melville-Qulin Historical Society was formed June
26, 1989. The Charter members were Mary Piatt, Marilyn
Vancil and Pat Bradley.  

The goal that led to the forming of the Historical
Society was to save the Oller-Reynolds House.  The
owner of the House was Jerry Reynolds, who grew up in
the rusty old house, but had decided it was time to
tear it down. Mr. Reynolds was asked about donating the
House to the newly formed Melville-Qulin Historical
Society. Mr. Reynolds graciously agreed to do so, but
the building had to be moved. The Historical Society
persuaded 20 local people to donate $100. each to move
the old house to the present location on City Property.

Other members were persuaded to join the Society and
all went to work. The walls were papered, the floors
scrubbed and  many,many holes were patched with tubes
and tubes of clear sealer.   A new roof and 2 new
proches had to be built. All windows had to be
replaced. The Agriculture Boys, led by Mr. Tom Wells at
the Twin Rivers High School built a picket fence.  The
House also had to be treated for termites.

Many local people generously donated money,furniture
and cypress wood needed for the restoration.  Others
donated work and encouragement.  

A second stated goal of the Historical Society was to
write Books with school pictures and memories about the
closed Rural Schools that held so many fond memories to
many in the community.  Books on Osborn, Fagus, Upper
and Lower Davis have been finished.  They have sold
well and have been a source of income to help pay bills
for the Society.  The Society also did a Centennial
Souvenir Book in 1904 in celebration of Qulin's 100th
birthday to sell at the Homecoming Event.
In 1992, Melvin and JoAnn Bruce donated the former
Gentzen School and the property it sits on, to the
Historical Society.  We promptly went to work on it.
The former one room school has also been restored. 

In 2005, the Historical Society bought the Old Qulin
Post Office Building after a new post office was built.
Glen Sedrick, who grew up in Qulin and recently
retired, saw the building as a Museum for Qulin.  We
took up the old flooring, repaired the bathroom and re-
painted and repaired the building and contents.  We are
in the process of creating a Wall of Fame for local
veterans that has received a lot of attention.  We have
also scrubbed and cleaned the old P.O. Boxes.  The
boxes are sold as memorial plaques.  Most people want
the one they or their family used.  They come in
different sizes.  Some are $25,$50, and $100.

The Historical Society has the Oller-Reynolds House,
Gentzen School and Museum open for tour by appointment
and at the homecoming.  The homecoming is the first
Saturday in October at the Qulin Park.  The Historical
Society has a booth at the homecoming.  Booths may be
purchased for the event.

Dues to join the Historical Society are $15. per year.
They may be mailed to P.O. box 295 Qulin, Mo. 63961.
Meetings are held the third Thursday of each month at
the Qulin Museum at 6:PM. With your dues, you receive a
newsletter printed each month with stories about the
good old days plus things going on in Qulin. All
members are invited to write your memories or stories
to contribute to the newsletter. 

Send your memories or keepsakes for the museum to 
Qulin Historical Society 
P.O. box 295 
Qulin, Mo. 63961  

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