Qulin Day 2010
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QULIN, Missouri, established date 1904 sets fifteen miles south of the Butler county seat
Poplar Bluff; the second largest town in the county. The location of the town was once called,
Melville. The Great Western Land Co. purchased the land where Qulin is now located. The land
company had began selling lots in the town of Melville, by the year of 1910.

Qulin, a town with a history all it's own. Stories could have been written about this town that
would rival any of the 'old west' tales we read about in the dime novels. On this web site you
will find a little information on a few of these families, offered by family members. There are
a few old newspaper clippings including murder and trial outcomes, as well as a link to
articles written by historian Robert Manns. Charles McClure has been a large contributor to
this site. His family was a central focus in the town for several years.  Charles also spent
most of a year scanning and e-mailing to me the school year books you will view on this site.


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  1. Coon School
  2. Davis School
  3. Fagus School
  4. Gentzen School
  5. Melville School 1900
    Melville Larger Photo
  6. Osborn School
Upper and Lower Davis,
Fagus School
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A School in Poplar Bluff abt 1895

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Courtesy of the Geographic Names Information System (GNIS),  
Feature Name:Qulin,   Feature Type:populated place,  Elevation:316
Estimated Population (1994):391, State:Missouri,  County:Butler

Variant Name(s) Melville

Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' x 7.5' Map
363545N 0901450W Glennonville, 363552N 0901525W Oglesville
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